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CWT Compact

Optimise your operation with the latest payment terminal from Cale.

CWT Compact

The CWT Compact offers flexible and powerful payment solutions in combination with innovative design, user-friendliness and high levels of security. The 7”, 24-bit and video enabled color screen allows for an intuitive user interface that quickly guides the parker through the payment process.

The CWT Compact comes equipped with an alphanumeric keyboard as a standard feature in order to easily connect the terminal to other digital services. The license plate number is the key unique identifier of any vehicle. Regardless if the parker is paying for short term parking or gaining access to a reduced residential rate, the license plate number connects the transaction to the vehicle.

Increased efficiency through Parking by Cale

The CWT Compact is one of the products in the Parking by Cale package that connects a range of services from payment to enforcement via the vehicle’s license plate number. All data is identified through the license plate number for analysis in Cale WebOffice and made available in real time on the field through Cale Enforcement. In line with current certifications and recommendations, Cale encrypts all sensitive information and does not store personal data.

99% recyclable

As a supplier of parking solutions, Cale has a great responsibility to ensure that our equipment is as environmentally neutral as possible. Therefore, we have made the CWT Compact 99% recyclable and optimized for solar operation.

Compliant with all major certifications

The CWT Compact complies with all major certifications for parking equipment.