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MP to CWT upgrade kit

Economical and easy to upgrade the MP platform to CWT functionality.

Upgrade your MP 104 and MPC
(MP 104 Compact) terminals

Cost efficient and easy to upgrade

A major advantage of Cale’s products is that they are designed for backwards compatibility, which means that you will not need to reinvest all the time, but that it will be possible to upgrade equipment to the latest standard with ease. This is advantageous for the wallet and results in less environmental impact.

Gain access to CWT functionality in your existing terminals

The MP 104 and MPC are tried and popular terminals that are in service in their thousands out on the street. Many of our customers who use these models now wish to have access to the new functions that are included as standard in a CWT terminal, but without having to purchase a new terminal.

Examples of new functions to which an upgrade gives access are a larger screen, access to an alphanumeric keyboard, which can be used for entering the registration number, and the possibility of contactless payments. It is these days also possible to connect MP terminals to CWO 2. However, to be able to take full advantage of CWO 2 functionality, it is necessary to have a CWT terminal – and this is provided by the upgrade.